Mg. Andre Orsted

A short-haired blond man in flowing robes that don't quite hide his wide girth.


Mage Andre Orsted is the ducal mage of Leomund Orval III, and the head of the Coronet chapter of the Mage’s Guild. At 32, Mg. Orsted is young to hold such a high post, but his talent for magic is outpaced only by his ambition. While many would regard The Crowning Isles as the place where careers go to die, he sees it as an opportunity to for a fresh start.

Mg. Orsted was responsible for the development and construction of the Magelev road running between Coronet and Eastport, and is always looking for ways to improve his project.

As the head of the Mage Guild chapter, Mg. Orsted is considered to be something of an upset. While his arcane skill and fresh ideas have earned the respect of many of the younger mages, the Guild is traditionally very conservative and rigidly hierarchical, and he has alienated many of the old guard. However, Guild issues usually stay within the Guild, and to the rest of the world they will go to great lengths to present a unified face.

Mg. Andre Orsted

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