Leomund Orval III

Dark, stern, slightly pudgy, middle-aged



Duke Orval is the third Imperial duke of The Crowing Isles. He inherited the title from his father, Leomund Orval II, upon his death 14 years ago. Though his reign has not been perfect, the Duke is generally regarded as a sound ruler, both by the nobility and by the common folk.


Leomund Orval III was second of 5 children: an older sister Loretta who died of the grey plague when Leomund was 8, as well as younger brothers Laiven and Lars and younger sister Laura. Lars returned to the capitol soon after his nameday and is currently studying to become a cleric of Pelor. Laura was betrothed at birth to the mayor of Eastport as a replacement for Loretta, and currently lives there.

Laiven and Leomund, close in age, were always rivals as children, but upon entering adulthood this has blossomed into a true friendship. Laiven is now captain of The Duke’s Guard, and is a staunch supporter of Leomunds policies.

Leomund III is married to Waela Barrind, the daughter of a duke on the continent. They have three children:


The main policy of Duke Orval’s reign so far has been the constant expansion of his power. He has expanded the port facilities around Coronet Bay, increasing both trade and taxes, and expanded the duchy’s small fleet of warships to fight piracy and ensure control of the surrounding waters. His local economic policies have brought much prosperity to Coronet, though some argue that it’s made the rich richer while leaving many behind, and others worry it’s just a temporary boom.

Orval has worked hard to ensure unity within the human powers on the island. He has strengthened ties with Eastport, bringing the formerly independent town fully into the Empire and connecting it economically and militarily to Coronet via the recently completed Magelev road.

Duke Orval’s policies towards the native Halflings have been consistently aggressive, ranging from encouraging Human settlement on Halfling land, to full-scale military action, village burning, and the infamous Makahi Massacre. Though he has formed an alliance with the Majoo Tribe in the northwest corner of the island, it seems apparent that he will not stop until the entire island is under Human rule.

Leomund Orval III

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