Diadem is the largest and southernmost island in The Crowning Isles. Surrounded almost entirely by the warm, shallow waters of the Bay of Barstok, its climate is mild and tropical year-round. The island is a roughly equilateral triangle, 120 km on a side, with a total surface area just over 6,000 sq km. A volcanic island, Diadem has three major peaks: Moi Kanha (the biggest), Moi Keta and Moi Ko (the smallest). Moi Ko is still an active volcano, and minor lava flows occur several times a year.

Halflings are the only sentient race native to Diadem, and about 70,000 live there today. Many of Diadem’s Halfling tribes are organized into a lose federation under King Kami Kami, in large part a response to the new imperial presence on the islands.

Diadem is also home to about 25,000 Humans. The Human population is concentrated in the towns of Coronet and Eastport, toward the southern tip of the island. Gentle waters, excellent harbors and a position roughly half way between The Bightsot Empire and its trading partners around the Great Northern Peninsula make Diadem an important strategic and economic holding for the Empire, reflected by the intense activity there over the last 100 years.


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